Steve Kenson...

Hi, and welcome to my home page! I'm Steve Kenson, a writer and designer of fantasy role-playing games (RPGs) and related fiction, which means I'm basically a professional gaming geek.

On this page, you can find information on my work (past and present) and a lot of gaming-related material and articles (once I get everything online).

There's also information about some of the different games I have run in the past (when I felt ambitious enough to create pages for them). I can also be found on Facebook and Twitter for more public (and ephemeral) interaction. Folks can e-mail me, but be warned that I deal with a lot of e-mail on a regular basis.

I work for Green Ronin Publishing, a game publisher based in Seattle. I designed the Mutants & Masterminds Superhero RPG and True20 Adventure Roleplaying, both based on the popular d20 System rules. I also do freelance RPG design work and writing, including stuff for Pathfinder and the Icons Superpowered Roleplaying game for Adamant Entertainment. I freelanced full-time in the RPG industry for a number of years (those interested in all the details can see my RPG page or my cover credits on Facebook). My partners and I run Copper Cauldron Publishing, an imprint for neo-pagan and New Age books, and I have Ad Infinitum Adventures to publish my own personal projects.

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